September 24, 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the undersigned US and international organizations of freedom-loving Vietnamese who are refugees from communism, continue to affirm that America's core values of freedom and democracy must form a fundamental foundation for all bilateral cooperation and relations between the US and Vietnam. While we wish for Vietnam's economy to develop and the vast majority of the people to participate in that development, our stance is not to accept, welcome or collaborate with those elements imposing a totalitarian dictatorship in Vietnam.

We also affirm that freedom of speech is one of the basic human rights clearly stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recognized by international conventions and protected by US law. On September 21, 2023, the representative of the Vietnamese authorities proposed the US to work together with them to reduce the opposition of Vietnamese Americans to the tyrannical communist regime. This is evidence that the Vietnamese authorities not only does not respect these fundamental values in Vietnam, they seek also to export that transnational repression to the United States.

The Joint Statement on the elevation United States-Vietnam relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership mentioned the role of the Vietnamese community in the United States. We affirm our principles as freedom-loving people, our background as refugees from communist tyranny and our role as peaceful advocates for Vietnam’s democracy and human rights.


1.   Alliance for Vietnam’s Democracy

2.   Alliance for Democracy in Vietnam

3.   Antelope Valley Vietnamese Association

4.   Assembly for Democracy in VietNam

5.   Bloc 8406 International

6.   Đại Việt Nationalist Party

7.     Federation Of Vietnamese American Communities of U.S.A (with 50 member communities)

8.   Interfaith Council of Vietnam, Overseas Office

9.   Minh Van Foundation

10.   Patriotic Youth Organization – Overseas

11.   Patriotic Youth Organization – Canada

12.   Phó Đức Chính Youth Organization

13.   Sangha of Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

14.   The Former Vietnam Armed Forces Alliance - Northern California

15.   The Greater Philadelphia Vietnamese American Community

16.   The Republic Of Vietnam Next Generations

17.   The Vietnamese Association of Jacksonville, Florida

18.   Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Office of External Affairs

19.   United Council of Vietnamese Homeland and Overseas

20.   United Vietnamese American Community of Northern California

21.   United Vietnamese American Community of Pennsylvania

22.   Vietnam Democracy Center

23.   Vietnam Human Rights Day May 11 Organization

24.   Vietnam Human Rights Network

25.   Vietnamese American Community of Central VA

26.   Vietnamese American Community of the USA (with 25 member communities)

27.   Vietnamese Americans for Human Rights

28.   Vietnamese Association For Advancement of Educational Excellence

29.   Vietnamese Community of Florida

30.   Vietnamese Community of Oregon

31.   Vietnamese Community of Pomona Valley, CA

32.   Vietnamese Community of Southern California

33.   Vietnamese Nationalist Party

34.   Vietnamese Traditions Youth Organization